Want relief from heart pain? Try Barley

Barley field

Hazrat Aisha (ra) once narrated that, “whenever someone fell ill in the house of God’s Messenger (pbuh), he kept a pot of barley soup cooking on the fire until the patient passed through one of the two confines,” [meaning recovery or death]. He would ask them to eat from the soup. He (pbuh) also used to say, “Feed your patient the soup of barley, for it enlivens and refreshes the hearts of the sick, dispels their anguish, sorrow and distress, and it washes their stomachs clean, just as one of you washes her face of dirt.”
Barley broth is one of the most nutritive and high-protein soups in existance.

Sorrow and sadness tends to dry up one’s body, particularly the stomach, and of course, lack of food has much to contribute to that. Barley broth helps to moisten this dryness and flush away unnecessary accumulations or toxins related to illness. It soothes the body, comes to its defence, reduces tension, balances the different types of liquids and gasses in the body, lifts the spirit and helps the patient regain his/her poise.

A soup of boiled barley is more nutritious than pearl barley or barley groats. Barley soup is also good for a cough or roughness of the throat. It provides the body with much-required nutrition if it has been suffering the effects of eating low-calorific, high fat, high sugar foods (junk foods).

It also helps increase the excretion of urine and other body wastes by regulating intestinal functions, clears the stomach by arresting fermentation, quenches the thirst and helps lower the core body temperature with hot diseases like fever.

To prepare this nourishing soup, add one portion of good quality crushed barley grains to five portions of fresh spring water, add salt and some mild spices to taste. Please ensure that you use a clean pot. Place the pot on a medium heat, and boil the contents down to one fifth of the water. Remove the barley and serve as needed.

Take Barley grain

Take Barley grain

Crush the Barley and cook on a medium flame

Add vegetables and mild spices of your choice

Barley soup for the entire family!

If the barley grains are cooked whole (without crushing them beforehand), the nutrients in the grains pass straight through the digestive system without conferring any benefits. But, boiled, softened crushed barley grains provide much more nutrition and benefits and prove very effective in stimulating bowel movement.

Source: Tibb e Nabwi


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