Butter can cure

Zubd (Butter)

Abu Dawud narrated in his Sunan that the two children of Busr said, “The Messenger of Allah (saws) came by us and we offered him some butter and dried dates, as he used to like eating butter and dried dates”.

Butter and dried Dates

Butter and dried Dates - neutralizes the effect of each other

Butter is hot and wet and has many benefits, such as maturing the mixtures (bodily wastes) and decomposing them, along with relieving the tumors that appear next to the ears and ureters (tubes leading from the kidney to the bladder).

Butter is hot and wet and has many benefits

When butter is used along it also heals mouth cancers and various other types of tumors that attack children and women.

When one licks butter, it will help against lung hemoptysis (spitting up blood) and will mature the tumors of the lungs.

Butter softens the nature, the nerves and the hard tumors that result from black bile and phlegm and relieves the dryness in the body. When butter is laid on the place where children’s teeth emerge, it will help the teeth grow.

Butter helps babies teeth grow

Butter also soothes coughing that accompanies colds and dryness. It also deals herpes and the roughness in the body and works as a laxative. Yet, butter reduces the appetite and sweetness of honey and dates.

Butter acts as a laxative

The wisdom behind the Prophet :saws: eating dried dates with butter is that they would neutralize the effect of each other.

Source:  Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh) by Imam Ibn Qayyin Al-JAuziyah


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