Sin? Beware!

 From Among the Punishments of Sins:

– There is the weakening of the journey to Allaah and the (blessed) abode of the Hereafter.

Weaking of journey to paradise


– There is the stoppage of blessings and the lowering of punishments.

– A servant is living in a state of fear, dread and loneliness.

– The heart is turned away from a condition of healthiness and correctness to that of illness and deviation.

– The heart becomes blind and its light is extinguished.

– The removal of status, honor and respect in the sight of Allaah and His creation.

– A decrease in one’s intellect.

– The blessings of long-life, provisions, knowledge, deeds and obedience are blotted out.

– The various species of creation confront the servant with injury.

– The servant forgets himself.

The Guardian Angel withdraws from the servant and Shaytaan draws near to him.

Source: Sins and Their Punishments – by Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (rahimahullaah) pg. 29

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